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    Tires/Disc Brakes for Jet-powered Cruiser Bicycle

    All, This is an odd project, but I decided reaching out to the online cycling community would be best. Thank you for looking and I appreciate any input I can get. If you know of a better place to post this, please let me know. Background I've recently put together a turbine jet powered...
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    Tall biker looking for an upright bike

    I'm looking to buy a hybrid bike for regular cruising around the city, but am having difficulty finding one that fits me comfortably. I'm 6' tall, but my problem seems to be my long legs (35" inseam). Every bike I try that has a tall enough frame seems uncomfortably long, and I feel too hunched...
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    New bike advise

    Hubby's bike of 40 years ago finally gave up the ghost - it was a Raleigh Oasis - 6 speed - he wanted to have it fixed but it was more to fix it then what we paid 40 years ago. I was so happy!!!!!! He is 65 this year and likes comfort. We have looked at Hybrids, Mountains and now Cruisers (7...