cycling europe

  1. R

    Porto to Lisbon

    Hi, have any of you used these guys heard of Responsible travel? I'm thinking of using them to cycle from Porto to Lisbon
  2. Santic Cycling

    Is the cycling belong aerobic or anaerobic exercise? What is the effect of weight loss?

    I like to do cycling and I want to lose weight through cycling. But my friend told me about cardio instead of cycling, since cycling burns calories at a much slower rate. Is it true? So what's better to lose calories faster, cycling or other exercises? ?
  3. Thompson Crowley

    The river meuse cycleway (belgium/france)

    A short cycle through Western Europe (Part 5) La Meuse cycleway… After we’d cycled about 30km south of Namur we came across Dinant. This was an extremely beautiful town set on the banks of the river Meuse, with a large citadel looming high above it all. And all that beauty was reflected in the...
  4. E

    Italian coast to coast

    Thought i'd share this...I was looking for a supported cycling holiday in Italy and found this Italian Coast To Coast with an organised tour operator - reviews look pretty good and the route looks amazing starting in Venice and finishing in Pisa. Interested to know if anyone has biked this (or...
  5. L

    Anyone fancy ticking the stelvio off their list this year?

    Munich To Milan Trans-Alp Stelvio Cycle Tour - teaser video Standing at nearly 3000m above sea level - this has to be this years big ride! More information here
  6. L

    Helpful eating advice for xmas holidays...

    Saw this and thought i'd share...really interesting and insightful... Can you not over eat at Xmas?