1. rovelo

    Does anyway else do Conqueror Challenges?

    Hey! I've just completed my third conqueror Challenge and got my Amazon medal (as below), so I was wondering if anyone else collects these medals? Do they help you, or do you just like the look of them?
  2. Santic Cycling

    Is it cold where you are now?

    We're already cold here, and now we need to wear long pants for all our rides to avoid catching a cold after exercise without keeping warm.
  3. Santic Cycling

    What should we pay attention to when cycling safe in autumn?

    In Autumn, the roads are particularly leafy. When we ride fast, these leaves can easily make our car skid, which is something we should be very careful about. Of course, it is getting darker earlier, the light is also very important for us. Any other suggestions for fall riding?
  4. Santic Cycling

    Which brand of cycling Jerseys is the best cost-effectiveness?

    Which brand of cycling Jerseys is the best cost-effectiveness?I recently saw Santic doing activities, have bought friends, can tell me how the quality of their clothes? Is there a better price/performance ratio than it.
  5. Santic Cycling

    Is the cycling belong aerobic or anaerobic exercise? What is the effect of weight loss?

    I like to do cycling and I want to lose weight through cycling. But my friend told me about cardio instead of cycling, since cycling burns calories at a much slower rate. Is it true? So what's better to lose calories faster, cycling or other exercises? ?
  6. Santic Cycling

    What do I need to be careful when I in mountain biking?

    I want to try my first cycling in the mountains next month, what should I look out for?
  7. E

    Cycling Survey Under 10 Mins, PLS HELP <3

    Please help me gain a better understanding of local cyclists’ behaviors and perceptions of cycling. Please take this anonymous survey! It should take less than 10 minutes and your feedback is greatly appreciated :)
  8. Santic Cycling

    Thoughts on Santic Noah Jersey

    Just asking if anyone has tested it, is it great quality?
  9. Santic Cycling

    Do You Remember How You Felt When You First Join The Event?

    I didn't place well in my first competition, but the experience greatly improved my courage.
  10. Daniel John

    Motor cycling race festival

    Their 25th Anniversary celebration is just a few months away and we’ve got some exciting changes to announce! As our event has grown over the years, it has taken on two primary components, Motorcycle Rally and Music Fest. Date : 6 April to 10 April 20222
  11. Tina0607

    Tina's cycling adventure - personal blog

    So I hope this is good way to keep my cycling memories. I will use this thread to highlight the important moment and cycling feedback. Yesterday, I visited several stores, and after I did some investigation, I finally decided on my bike: Wilier's carbon frame + Shimano 105 group+rim brake...
  12. D

    Nine-year-old from bolton completes another challenge to raise funds for children

    NINE-YEAR-OLD Milan Kumar has been taking various challenges and projects to support children whose learning have been affected by Covid-19. He has so far raised more than £4,500 for the National Literacy Trust.
  13. nidhi0

    What size road bike should i ride?

    I am 24 years and cycling for one hour daily . I want some guidance regarding the size of a road bike. Hoping for the suggestions.
  14. Dr nagi

    Can i do cycling during periods?

    According to my gynecologist/sexologist in Ludhiana, the aerobic exercises that increase your heartbeat would be the very best for relieving interval cramps. Cycling falls under that category. It prevents your muscles from becoming inflexible and handles to alleviate the pains of interval...
  15. car-polishing

    My sister wants to do cycling.

    My sister have always been a fan of racing but it is very strange that she always watched moto-GP and F-1 racing championship but she never thought that cycling will become her passion and one day she will pursue her goals and career in this field. But I a little bit worried about her future...
  16. Nicole_c

    Need help from cyclists who've been to girona

    Hello everyone, I am a master's student writing my thesis about Cycling Tourism in Girona, Spain. I am in my final data collection phase now, if you have been to the Girona region for cycling, I will appreciate if you can help by filling up a 5 minute online questionnaire for me. It will also be...
  17. sinicaite

    Best cycling films?

    Hi to all. It is very sad to see, but the world gets quarantined more and more because of the corona virus. Fortunately, where I live, I can still go for a bike ride, but all races and bigger events in general are being cancelled. It is not unlikely that I won’t be able to go for a bike ride...
  18. J

    Is there somebody who have carbon bike from winspace bike?

    There are very beautiful !!!! Fully internal cable routing on thewinspace carbon bike T1500. Aerodynamic AND... it just looks cool !!!!
  19. J

    Where did your #bike take you this weekend?

  20. Chet B

    Trek 5000 oclv 120 usa carbon fiber road bike w/ computer, u-lock, ultegra, 52cm, all stock*, light

    27-Speed, 700c Bontrager Wheels U-Lock + Bicycle Computer + 2 Bottle Cages + Safety Lights + The Works Registered and Certified Race Ready, Road Legal Tuned Up, Light & Fast AF Proudly Made in USA Asking Price: $600.00 Used but not Abused (odometer has not been reset and shows mileage)...