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    Help! which di2 specs?

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum and was hoping you guys can help me out. Looking for expert advice here :) I have an older (but awesome) 2012 Tarmac Pro SL4 Mid-Compact Ui2 (first gen) bike which I want to upgrade to Di2 (among other things to save weight, battery life and climbing ease)...
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    Focus paralane di2 ultegra

    Hi all, I have a Focus Paralane Di2 Ultegra that was given to me and I cannot figure out where the charging port would be. I looked online and nada. The battery is in the seat tube, but the port is a different shape than the charger (SM-BCR2). There is no external place that I can see that it...
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    Trek sl5 / amira sl4 / ruby

    Hello! I'm super torn on my bike purchase and was looking for some input (or maybe something I missed). I test rode a Trek Emonda SL5, Amira SL4 and a Ruby (don't recall which but I'd likely be getting the 2015 model with di2s and no disk brakes - it doesn't have the new 2016 shock absorbing...