1. gracer

    What is your diet regimen?

    Every person has unique, individual needs when it comes to nutrition. Every cyclist also has individual nutritional requirements. One can have overactive sweat glands that requires him/her to take in more fluids and minerals, another can easily develop low sugar that requires him/her to always...
  2. U

    Do you eat a lot before excercising?

    I'm an early morning person when it comes to exercising, but have no appetite in the morning. I typically start my ride 7-9 depending on the season and don't eat much more than a granola bar or a piece of fruit(for a 25-35 mile ride). My early morning runs are typically fasted ones, wake up, sip...
  3. Leadr1

    Healthy diet

    How much healthy diet lover are here? What is your diet plan?