1. S

    Need help

    Hello guys. I need yours advice. I have found some good e-bike https://mannerabikes.com/product/giant-fastroad-e-ex-pro/ and want to ask you some questions. Maybe somebody have the same one? I want to know all the + and - of this model. I have spoke with consultant in this shop, of course he...
  2. Troy S.

    Changing gears on an e-bike

    I'm asking this question I got from a friend. I have very little experience with e-bikes and electric HUBs. Can someone answer this please so I can share it with him?: "Any advice on how to cycle with HUB gears? i.e, can you still pedal when changing gear, etc. Quite a few commuter bikes have...
  3. el bala

    Specialized apologises over sexist ‘playboy’ e-bike

    Specialized apologises over sexist ‘Playboy’ e-bike. Find more here: http://bit.ly/1LHuq5w