1. Brandon Clark

    What to know about drivetrains?

    Hey all, let me introduce myself a bit here.... The year is 2014, I'm an alcoholic and fat as hell. My wife will leave me early in the following year, and take the children with. She had no choice. I weighed a stunning 290lbs! Well, I attended AA and stopped drinking, and eventually won...
  2. Fatty Lumpkin

    Does this make me look fat (photo included)?

    The answer is yes, I look fat, but the real question remains . . . is the fit okay? I'm embarrassed to post this (that's why you can't see my face!) but I have such a hard time purchasing good jerseys. And I really want one sleeveless one! My wife hates it and does not get cycling gear. She...
  3. J

    Dieting vs training

    I want to get stronger, and to lose weight. How mutually exclusive are these goals? If they are, how should I prioritize them? I have been sticking to eating more or less to 2500 kcal per day irrespective of how much I ride (if at all) that day. On some days, like today where I did a hilly...