first bike

  1. P

    Bought my first bike today! what else do i need right away?

    I just bought my first bike today! I obviously need to get pedals and a lock. What else do I need right away to start long, casual rides? Thanks!
  2. B

    Buying my first bike

    I am looking at buying my very first new bike and am considering buying the Trek 820 women's bike. I really like it and the price is good. My local bike shop had it for $350. I was given a Huffy Mt. Echo 18 speed mountain bike. It was bought in 2002 and I did replace the tubes and tires. Rides...
  3. PowerSerg122

    Advice/Help Building First Bike

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the forums and cycling. While in school I would build to lots of stress and frustration. Who doesn't. I hike a lot and it always cleared my mind and recharged the batteries. I wanted to get into cycling once my buddies started telling me about how amazing their tours...