1. Repelisplusapk

    Best Fitness Tips For New Born Baby

    Elaborate Best Fitness Tips For New Born Baby

    How much fitness plays a vital role in cycling racing?

    We all know that sports are related to fitness very much and especially these days. Some sports needed skills more than fitness like golf and some sports needed fitness more than skills like racing etc. I however doubt that which of these two things more related or needed to be in the cycle...
  3. Choice Cut Nutrition

    Cycling and weight loss

    Hey guys, I'm seeking input from all the Clydesdale riders out there. I've been impressed as to how fast some of you guys are, and can't help but think that you would be totally killing it if you broke past your weight loss plateaus. Even dropping 10 lbs can make a huge difference in your...
  4. Joe Johnson

    Share your cycling videos and where they were taken!

    I have been a fan of filming my rides for a while now and would love to see other peoples rides. im from stevenage in hertfordshire so thats where mine are. please share the videos and tell us where they are! here is mine View:
  5. Fatty Lumpkin

    Does this make me look fat (photo included)?

    The answer is yes, I look fat, but the real question remains . . . is the fit okay? I'm embarrassed to post this (that's why you can't see my face!) but I have such a hard time purchasing good jerseys. And I really want one sleeveless one! My wife hates it and does not get cycling gear. She...
  6. S

    *nw england* - free vo2 physiological testing + nutrition support

    Hi all, I am a post-graduate student at Liverpool John Moores University looking into the effects of different acute, 1-day diets on gene expression response to intense cycling exercise. I am part of a five person research group on the project which is overseen by Team Sky's Nutritionist who is...
  7. kopride

    Racing throws cold reality on training

    For years, I did a lot of training, strava watching, and group rides, but no racing. You can really delude yourself into thinking you are fast simply because you can hang with a fast group, beat your riding buddies regularly, or your watts look good on a trainer session. When you jump into a...
  8. cardioboss

    Choosing the best spin bike for a beginner

    Hey guys! I’ve occasionally had the opportunity using a friend of mines home gym and always had amazing, memorable experiences. Since I really enjoy working out I decided to build my own home gym in my garage but I don’t really know much about equipment and brands etc. I’m sick of gym...
  9. Bigbananabike

    21 Days to prepare for Hilly 110kms race. Advice welcome

    On Jan 16th I'm doing a hilly (though very scenic) 110kms race. I might have a ride on my rollers for an album length tomorrow then an early ride on Boxing day (the weather is supposed to be better and if I go out early enough there won't be Christmas traffic)...