1. S

    Looking for a 2016 surly lht frame

    Sadly I just crashed my beautiful Surly Long Haul Trucker yesterday, ruining the front of the frame. I loved the color of my 2016 model (cakipants), but Surly no longer carries that color. It was a 56cm x 700c size. If anyone has a frame like this, let me know!
  2. K

    Should i buy m size or l size giant tcr advanced pro team road bike?

    I am planning to Giant TCR Advanced Pro Team Road Bike. My height is 178cm (5'8") and inseem is 84cm (33"). Should i buy M size (47) or ML size (50)? My friend say M might look small for me and considering my inseem ML might suite me. Please help.
  3. T

    Help! anything to say about opus belladonna 1.0??

    Hello there I've never written for advice on bikes before but I'm considering buying a 2012 Opus Belladonna 1.0 for $575 and haven't really found tons of information about the brand. I can see its from Montreal and have been around for about 10 years. Putting my feelers out there for anyone...
  4. ROKE

    Custom frame paintwork

    Hello to all, I'm new to this particular forum and I'm trying to get some work going for the new year and I've heard this site has some members from all over and thats what I've been looking for... Im a private merchant not an advertising firm so you would be dealing with me directly. I do all...