1. T

    Fuji sl 2.3 road bike - sizing help

    Hello, I am completely new to cycling, and was going to enter my first Sprint triathlon this Summer. Next year I may do a 100 mile ride with friends, so I am buying a pure road bike over the tri/aero style bike. My LBS can get me a great deal on the FUJI SL 2.3, a bike I had researched and...
  2. Froze

    84 fuji club $350

    This is a really nice bike for sale located in Niles Michigan for $350. I haven't seen it in person so don't know what the overall condition is but the pics look good though there were some mars but nothing that stood out. It's an 84 Fuji Club, I own this same bike and it's the lightest steel...
  3. S

    Fuji sportif

    Hey everyone! I'm rather new here and have a quick question. As a student at my university, we get 20% off Fuji bikes. I really don't have a lot of money (college student, right) and am wondering what Fuji bike would be a good buy. I like the sportif 2.5 and 2.7, but I have no idea what the...