1. S

    Transfer route from garmin connect to garmin 830

    Hello A month ago I was able to transfer all my club routes to Garmin 830 wirelessly Now Club created a new route and I wanted to transfer it to Garmin Unfortunately it did not work this time! First I opened Garmin Connect on my iPhone. I could see the route on phone. I confirmed that phone...
  2. S

    How to use garmin 830 ....

    Hello Folks. I just bought Garmin 830 and 3 accessories: cadence, speed and heart rate monitor. I installed and connected my iPhone to Garmin via Garmin Connect app. I started to read Garmin 830 Manual but get overwhelmed by information. My goal is to get familiar with device slowly. I mean...
  3. sst_76

    Wtb: garmin edge 520 or similar

    Prefer Garmin as I've been in their ecosystem for about a year now. Would like a mount to go with, not necessary though. No additional sensors required. Will entertain all offers Will pay for shipping through PayPal Thanks!