1. Kakashi

    Mountain bike helmets

    What's the best helmet for off road mountain biking nowadays? Got mine broken recently in a crash and it cracked. I was thinking that it was only a light crash but it cracked so I'm looking for a sturdier one that can withstand more severe punishment.
  2. Shalem'sDad

    Winter commuting gear?

    My bike is a 2000 Diamondback Interval. Wish I had something better but it is what I could afford. I've put close to 200 miles on it with the longest distance being 15 miles a couple times. I'm trying to get the money together for the Continental 4 Season tires. Well my real question is what are...
  3. C

    Feedback wanted - jacket for legs

    Hi guys, I was reading some of the topics on this forum and I think you are the right people to ask - cycling enthusiasts :D Since people like you guys, that share the same hobby as us, may be potential users some day, we would really like some feedback from you for the product we developed -...
  4. D

    Favorite gear bag?

    I'm designing a new bag for cycling, climbing, hunting, fishing ("adventures") for holding all your gear while in the field and when traveling. What features would you like in it? What would be your dream gear travel bag? Thanks!
  5. N

    Cycle computer must link with strava?

    If im trying to put a new cycle computer/camera/gps device on the market, would not being accessible to strava be a deal breaker? what about ant+ connectivity?
  6. divinemaredi

    Great foot gear for your cycling pleasure

    Specialized, the cycle-orientated company has created a new breed of foot gear that you really need to know about: The Specialized S-Works Sub 6 shoes...These are designed for super light weight cycling and aero efficient with a sleek look! Make sure to try them out