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    G peak pro bike computer

    I've been working on the application for about 3 months, thanks to your feedback to find the deficiencies and errors, re-compile the places I need to improve and now put on GooglePlay and share. There are points that need to be added. such as cadence and pulse support. I'll take care of them in...
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    Student research: self-charging cycling navigation

    Hello! I am a Masters student at LSE and a group of fellow students and I are conducting research on the feasibility of developing self-charging bicycle navigation systems. If you have 5 spare minutes to fill out our survey, that would be wonderful! Thank you! Survey Link...
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    Cycle computer must link with strava?

    If im trying to put a new cycle computer/camera/gps device on the market, would not being accessible to strava be a deal breaker? what about ant+ connectivity?
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    Bike cam, gps, cycle computer device

    Hi! I'm part of a team that's making a device that's a bike camera, gps, and a cycle computer all rolled into one that mounts your handlebars. It would sync with your smartphone for the routes and would also automatically load the footage from your ride on an app on your smartphone. It would...