1. Santic Cycling

    Is it cold where you are now?

    We're already cold here, and now we need to wear long pants for all our rides to avoid catching a cold after exercise without keeping warm.
  2. Santic Cycling

    What should we pay attention to when cycling safe in autumn?

    In Autumn, the roads are particularly leafy. When we ride fast, these leaves can easily make our car skid, which is something we should be very careful about. Of course, it is getting darker earlier, the light is also very important for us. Any other suggestions for fall riding?
  3. Dr nagi

    Can i do cycling during periods?

    According to my gynecologist/sexologist in Ludhiana, the aerobic exercises that increase your heartbeat would be the very best for relieving interval cramps. Cycling falls under that category. It prevents your muscles from becoming inflexible and handles to alleviate the pains of interval...
  4. Choice Cut Nutrition

    Cycling and weight loss

    Hey guys, I'm seeking input from all the Clydesdale riders out there. I've been impressed as to how fast some of you guys are, and can't help but think that you would be totally killing it if you broke past your weight loss plateaus. Even dropping 10 lbs can make a huge difference in your...
  5. Kakashi

    Black and red grapes for snacks

    Dark Colored Grapes like the Black and Red variants are healthier than Green, White and other lighter colored grapes simply because dark colored grapes contains more phytonutrients and antioxodant flavonoids that helps prevent cancer. Grapes contain natural Antihistamine and anti-inflammatory...
  6. Kakashi

    Eggs for energy and muscles

    Whenever I'm riding, I usually eat hard boiled eggs along with a banana smoothie 2 hours before I ride. Eggs are Protein snd Energy Boosters because it has Vitamin B12, B6, D, selenium, zinc and copper and its a source of quality protein 60 percent is found in the egg whites and 40 percent in...
  7. Leah Mullen

    Low oxygen levels common??

    Ello, I've recently been going through a LOT of tests on my heart and lungs, and things seem to always be coming back with mixed signals largely due to my being an athlete. In the midst of waiting for my doctors' words I've been doing quite some research of my own. One of my symptoms is that...
  8. D

    Am i pushing myself too hard?

    Hey everyone, So I am currently a 97.5 kg (215 lbs) rider, I was 104.3 kg (230 lbs) last month, so, so far I have lost around 15 lbs in one month, and I feel great about it. However, today, I am not feeling too great, I think. I felt like I've been training quite hard in just about the past...
  9. Moritz

    Does cycling affect well-being at work?

    Hello, My name is Moritz and I’m investigating the performance beliefs of endurance athletes in their sport and at work. This research will be used to gain a better understanding of the factors that drive successful endurance performance and how endurance sport influences our work experience...