1. T

    When will it get easier to cycle? or do i need a better bike?

    Hi! I am a new cyclist, 25 and female. I started cycling to and from work about a month ago, which is 2x4 kilometers or 2x2.8 miles, 4-5 times a week. I got my bike secondhand, just before I started cycling and I had no idea what kind of bike I needed. I thought anything would do. I got one...
  2. PghAdvoMama

    Specialized sirrus for everyday commuting

    So I am buying a commuter bike and am between two Specialized Sirrus Bikes...Sirrus Elite Carbon vs Sirrus X Comp Carbon. They seem to ride smoothly and I like the lightness factor (because I have zero upper body strength and when I'm weighed down with full panniers/a basket on back...every...