1. P

    Learning to use rollers

    I've watched all the "first time on rollers" youtubes, where people magically start balancing on their 3rd or 4th try. I am on about 20th and still not safe. I have 2 weeks left to return the Tacx rollers to Amazon. Is it my weight? Are there any 250 pound people successful on rollers?
  2. B

    Indoor bike training???

    Going to start having my son doing some indoor riding. What do you guys do for equipment? He has a rim drive trainer we put his race bike on but doesnt like the feel or the resistance..ive seen his cadence and it gets choppy. Is it the trainer or him? Was thinking of getting him some kind of...
  3. aperezy

    Indoor training strategies

    Hello I am a road cyclist and I just bought my first indoor trainer, a KK Road machine (fluid resistance). I would like to know about training strategies, I am not sure how many times per week and/or training time is required? or should I try to follow the same Road training strategy. I know...