1. T

    Wanted: woom 2 or islabikes cnoc 14"

    Trying to find a quality bike for my three year old. I'm open to any bike with similar quality to these. Please reach out if you know where I can find one - thanks!
  2. N

    Tracking and recording

    I was wondering if you guys would invest in a bike tracking and a recording device for your children's' bikes? So that when they go on rides you can see where they are and you have a recording to see what happened. Or to also put the recording device on your bike so that you can record your ride...
  3. Regalia

    A child's innocence

    Teen pregnancy will always grind my gears. Because I will never think a teen is ready to take on the responsibility that is a child. Their brain is still developing! They don't know what love is. They have no important experience with the world of parenting. School is a big deal. It's stressful...