1. B

    Princeton tec, corona bike light bracket

    All, Someone tried to steal my Corona bike light and snapped the bracket. Princeton Tec no longer makes them and does not have the brackets and told me to just look online. Anyone have an old one laying around that I could steal the bracket from? Thanks!
  2. H

    Student research on cycling safety accessories

    Hello everyone, I'm currently undertaking my MSc in Sports Digital and Media Technologies at Loughborough University London. I'm an avid cyclist and have been given the topic of bicycle lights and the target markets that they could have an impact in. It would be very much appreciated if you...
  3. kuroba

    Attaching seatpost tail light to rear rack

    Hi guys! I have one of these Knog Blinder tail lights which, as you can see, are meant to be wrapped around the seatpost. This worked well for me as I had been using panniers, but lately I've been ditching the panniers and carrying my stuff in a bag secured with a bungee cord to my rear rack...