long distance

  1. rovelo

    Does anyway else do Conqueror Challenges?

    Hey! I've just completed my third conqueror Challenge and got my Amazon medal (as below), so I was wondering if anyone else collects these medals? Do they help you, or do you just like the look of them?
  2. Wheeli

    Bikepacking in the arctic

    I'm just curious if anyone here has been bikepacking in the North American Arctic (Alaska, Canadian territories). Long distance, off-road treks. If so, where did you go? How long? What type of bike and equipment did you use? What were the biggest challenges of doing it? I've done similar trips...
  3. F

    Knowing when to take fuel on long rides

    Constantly burning out on my rides. I live near Derbyshire / Buxton in the UK. Great for cycling and working towards an endurance race in September. My first time cycling and an ex squash player thought I could keep the duration going but oh no. Different set of muscles and nutrition management...