mavic cosmic

  1. Wes Fallan

    Looking to swap Mavic Cosmic Carbone tubular rims for (similar) clincher rims

    I have a set of very good condition Mavic Cosmic Carbone tubular rims (RRP 1,800, 2 years ago). I typically use the bike in sportives and for weekend riding but would like to start commuting and the risk of increased puncturing on the way to work has led me to pursue the option of simply...
  2. iRideFixed

    Missing Parts on Mavic Cosmic Pro?

    hey, I'm looking to buy a mavic cosmic pro (aluminum) for my fixed gear. i found a place that has it and it is in great condition; no dents, dings and minor scratches, comes with tube and tire. however, as i look at the axle, it looks too long and would protrude from the fork ends about 4mm...
  3. G

    Mavic Cosmic carbon

    Can anyone help ? I own a set of Mavic cosmic carbon wheels for Campag 9speed. I've got myself a new frame and have started to collect components. I got a 10speed derailieur, as that's that I want to run. What is the solution to convert from 9speed cassette over to 10speed cassette ? Do you...