1. S

    *nw england* - free vo2 physiological testing + nutrition support

    Hi all, I am a post-graduate student at Liverpool John Moores University looking into the effects of different acute, 1-day diets on gene expression response to intense cycling exercise. I am part of a five person research group on the project which is overseen by Team Sky's Nutritionist who is...
  2. Jimmy Dahroug

    Is this fuji deal roubaix worth it?

    2016 Fuji Roubaix 3.0 LE2 Roadbike Performance bikes is selling it on clearance for $760 They list the MSRP as $1300 Do you think this is the real msrp or are they significantly inflating the numbers to close someone like me. I'm a newbie and I'm looking for something in the $750 range. And...
  3. Seavemeyer

    Nutritonal / supplement / survey

    Hey Cycling Forums - Happy November :) I've been looking to gain more insights into cyclists and their current nutritional & supplement usage. My career has been in the Nutritonal Industry and while I've developed hundreds of products that are on shelves today getting further insights as to...