1. Corzhens

    Using the phone while riding

    You may not believe but I have been seeing riders on the road who are using their phone while moving. I wonder what those riders think of the situation, that it is safe to do that or are they just daredevils with their riding? I don't know if there is already a law against the use of phone while...
  2. A

    Cycling app project

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this forum and look forward to having a place to discuss cycling with others. To start, I am working on a project for an app to help out beginning cyclists. If you wouldn't mind taking this quick survey, it would be a great help to my research. Any additional comments...
  3. mayasupernova

    Launchers for Android?

    Hey cyclists, Are you fans of android phones and are you like me totally addicted to downloading different launchers for your phone? And if you do, which is your favourite? I love Buzz Launcher, and I enjoy it so much because it is very easy to customize, change icons, and other things.