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  2. kopride

    Racing throws cold reality on training

    For years, I did a lot of training, strava watching, and group rides, but no racing. You can really delude yourself into thinking you are fast simply because you can hang with a fast group, beat your riding buddies regularly, or your watts look good on a trainer session. When you jump into a...
  3. Seavemeyer

    Nutritonal / supplement / survey

    Hey Cycling Forums - Happy November :) I've been looking to gain more insights into cyclists and their current nutritional & supplement usage. My career has been in the Nutritonal Industry and while I've developed hundreds of products that are on shelves today getting further insights as to...
  4. kopride

    Cyclocross racing as training

    Didn't see much on cyclocross in this thread. I've started racing again and figured I would start in Cyclocross because falling down sucks a lot less and the vibe (in the US) is much better. Interested to hear how any road riders alter their training to compete or ride in cyclocross. As an...