1. C

    Need help repairing BCA Comet

    Hello I am new to the bike game. I have a few bikes that need repair with this one in particular I don’t even know where to start. Something I noticed, the chain doesn’t catch when u are pedaling. I am no stranger for removing chains but this one is odd and I can’t find any information on it...
  2. P

    To refresh my garage

    Hi! I need to repair my garage, a lot of things actually..sensor, opener even door bit the most to repair overhead garage door... If you have suggestions or services, I will appreciate
  3. Maxime Cloutier

    The local bike shops

    A small mishap happened to me this week. I brought my bike to my local bike shop for a repair I didn’t want to do myself. I had to change my chain, cassette, one-up and derailleur cable. The estimate was around 300$ for the pieces and repair time. I knew I could have everything for much cheaper...
  4. botz32

    Bike maintenance

    I have a Schwin Discover City Series bike. It's a road/mountain bike hybrid. I've had it for about a year and a half. I ride it on the boardwalk in my city about 3-5 times a week, for about 5-10 miles per day between April and October. The bike is beginning to show a bit of wear and tear. I...