1. Joe Johnson

    I love playing amongst the trees!

    So i'm clearly just a beginner on my mountain bike but i'm trying to push myself. I went out to some woods to ride and found this big bowl. At first i was scared to even roll in but after a while i did it and have never been so proud or had such fun! i think this might be for me. View...
  2. Joe Johnson

    A bike ride for terror attack victims!

    Hey im Joe, both of the london bridge attacks are close to where i work and that could have been me so easily so now i'm trying to help the people affected in the attacks in london and manchester by raising money for them. Please donate to a good cause or even join in the ride if you are in...
  3. rz3300

    Helmet cameras are distracting

    I came across something strange the other day that I thought was noteworthy, and something that maybe does not get as much attention as it should. I was riding with a friend of mine and there was a guy coming the other way with this strange looking video camera attached to his helmet, and both...