road bike wheels

  1. Wowbagger

    Tyres for recreational road use

    Having just bought my first road bike after more years than I care to mention, and I plan to replace the serviceable but worn 700c x 23 Schwalbe tyres before venturing too far from home. What’s the collected wisdom on decent clincher tyres for everyday use?
  2. P

    Zipp 303 firecrest vs. corima 47 ws black vs. roval cl50

    Hello! I am waiting for my new Pinarello F12 rim brakes and I am wondering which wheel set will fit it best. I stopped at Zipp 303 firecrest, Corima 47 Ws Black or Roval CL50. Till now I had only ride with Mavic wheels. Can you share your experience with Zipp, Corima or Roval? Which is the best...
  3. G

    Which road wheels can fit on my cross bike?

    Hello all, I have a Fuji Cyclocross bike and am looking to buy wheels that I can easily exchange between road cycling and cross. I do some cross races around my area and would like to get involved in road races as well. My wheels come off very easily so it makes sense for me to switch between...