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  1. Tina0607

    Tina's cycling adventure - personal blog

    So I hope this is good way to keep my cycling memories. I will use this thread to highlight the important moment and cycling feedback. Yesterday, I visited several stores, and after I did some investigation, I finally decided on my bike: Wilier's carbon frame + Shimano 105 group+rim brake...
  2. P

    Zipp 303 firecrest vs. corima 47 ws black vs. roval cl50

    Hello! I am waiting for my new Pinarello F12 rim brakes and I am wondering which wheel set will fit it best. I stopped at Zipp 303 firecrest, Corima 47 Ws Black or Roval CL50. Till now I had only ride with Mavic wheels. Can you share your experience with Zipp, Corima or Roval? Which is the best...
  3. I

    Which road bike should i buy?

    I've been riding an old hybrid bike for a while now and I want to upgrade to a reliable road bike that won't bankrupt me. Should I buy the Specialized Diverge E5 or Trek Domane AL 3?
  4. Brandon Clark

    What to know about drivetrains?

    Hey all, let me introduce myself a bit here.... The year is 2014, I'm an alcoholic and fat as hell. My wife will leave me early in the following year, and take the children with. She had no choice. I weighed a stunning 290lbs! Well, I attended AA and stopped drinking, and eventually won...
  5. John Cameron

    Replacement interval for road tubeless

    is there a consensus recommended milage at which to replace tubeless tires on a road bike(assuming there’s no damage)?
  6. M

    Cannondale synapse or bianchi oltre? help

    Hello all, I have been in love with road cycling for a while and have decided it’s time to treat myself to a new road bike with a better spec. My old Trek 1.2 has served me well, but Sora group set feels a bit clunky when I ride hard. When I ride with others, I’m pretty much always the one...
  7. D

    Seeking a cyclocross or sturdy road bike

    I'm looking for recommendations for bikes and components for a FAST bike I can abuse on crappy city streets and some gravel/dirt roads. I will use occasionally as a commuter so I don't want to dump a lot of money into it. I'm thinking $700ish top. Specifically, I'm looking for suggestions...
  8. steve

    Mad skills compilation - downhill mtb, street trials & bmx tricks

    Extreme mountain bike downhill to flatland and street BMX, road bike tricks and street trials skills. View:
  9. theONLYbigHEAD

    Cx tires on road bikes?

    With the weather turning colder and wetter, I've looking at turning my old road bike into a nasty weather beater. Have any of you ran CX tires on road bikes, or something similar? Let's see some pictures of your dirty (or not) fall and winter set ups? Looking for some inspiration of getting this...
  10. Noah Learner

    2018 ultimate road bike buyer's guide

    I just built the Ultimate Road Bike Buyer's guide for a bike shop called The Racery in St. Paul, MN. If you are starting your search, this guide will make you feel ready to start looking for your next New or Used Road Bike. It is over 5100 words long, is really detailed and is hopefully super...
  11. Froze

    84 centurion comp ta

    I posted this in the wrong spot earlier, I can't believe it's still for sale. This is NOT one of my bikes, but I saw it on Craigslist, it appears to be in average condition for it's age, pitted aluminum that I saw can be cleaned up, can't see enough of the paint detail to determine condition...
  12. C

    First road bike!

    Hey guys! New cyclist here! Aim is to do a 100-mile cycle in mid-summer! Torn between the following two bikes: A Raleigh clubman (leaning towards this) A Raleigh SP elite carbon. Now they are quiet different I know. I love the look of the clubman (reason I'm leaning towards it). But the...
  13. B

    Slick tires on hybrid

    hello all, very new here so please take it easy on me... I bought a trek soho 2007 off ebay two years ago, hybrid bike, was great for getting me into cycling. I use it for riding with the family with my little one on the back in a bike seat, and for trying to get fitness in, max ride so far...
  14. E

    Warm cycling thermal jacket

    found this really cool cycling thermal jacket on amazon, i'm kinda new to cycling, is it good? should i buy it...
  15. Froze

    Better deal alert: lynskey r350 $2,995

    Why buy some unknown generic Chinese made carbon fiber bike when you can get a Lynskey R350 titanium race bike made in America frame fully equipped with Shimano Ultegra components and a Enve 2.0 fork? No weird taxes or overseas shipping fees; see...
  16. D

    Cannondale vs. schwinn

    Hey all! I've got two bikes I need some opinions on. I'm in the market for a new road bike and have narrowed it down to these two options. I ride 16 miles per day on average, sometimes more. I live in Washington DC, so this is primarily street riding. Cannondale-...
  17. Maxime Cloutier

    The local bike shops

    A small mishap happened to me this week. I brought my bike to my local bike shop for a repair I didn’t want to do myself. I had to change my chain, cassette, one-up and derailleur cable. The estimate was around 300$ for the pieces and repair time. I knew I could have everything for much cheaper...
  18. M

    Trek crossrip comp vs. jamis renegade exile

    To start off I am 'new' to the road biking scene. Been a recreational mountain biker for years, but I have started to fall in love with road/gravel riding on a road bike frame. I am torn between two bikes right now. 1. Trek Crossrip Comp (2015-16) 2. Jamis Renegade Exile (2016-17) Both bikes...
  19. M

    Specialized allez dsw elite or felt f75?

    Deciding to get either 2016 Specialized Allez DSW Elite (Tiagra) or 2015 Felt F75 (105), both are on sale from 2 different LBS..price difference of $100 more on F75. Is there really a noticeable difference with a '15 105 groupset and '16 Tiagra? I really like the F75 geometry, but my neck and...
  20. Jack Fabros

    Highway riding

    So I just got my fixed gear bike today and tomorrow I'm going to try to ride on this highway. Do you guys think I should take the sidewalk first and practice riding my bike before taking this narrow highway? I'm not quite sure for myself. I'm confident but not really.