road bikes

  1. L

    2017/2018 trek, specialized men's turbo levo fsr comp 6fattie/29 $2,990

    NOW IN STOCK ALL 2018/2017/2016 CANNONDALE BIKES, TREK, SPECIALIZED BIKES!! [email protected] +1(786) 544-9652 +447377350374 2018 Specialized Mountain Bikes: 2018 Specialized Men's S-Works Epic XTR Di2 $8,000 2018 Specialized Women's S-Works Epic $6,500 2018 Specialized Men's...
  2. K

    Should i buy m size or l size giant tcr advanced pro team road bike?

    I am planning to Giant TCR Advanced Pro Team Road Bike. My height is 178cm (5'8") and inseem is 84cm (33"). Should i buy M size (47) or ML size (50)? My friend say M might look small for me and considering my inseem ML might suite me. Please help.
  3. H

    Starting anew!

    Hello! I'm new to this forum, but I've seen some of the great chats on here! I need your help! I'm looking for a decent road bike to help me commute, what would you recommend. I've had a lot of offline whisper telling me about a company called Roux Bikes, who do really nice ones and you can...
  4. M

    New road cycling website online!

    hello forum has anybody tried this new road bike website ? i just found it online and wanted to hear of any experiences... thanks a lot
  5. sharkantropo

    Upper body complementary training

    Greetings. I ride 4 -8 miles across an avenue's sidewalk nearby three to four times a week. I own a large Takara Kabuto single speed bycicle and it really has proven its decent robustness and reliability in the road. Anyways, I feel like I'm quite content with this routine plus the usual 5...
  6. B

    2016 specialized s-works venge vias di2 $ 9,900

    Sales Director : Bruce Willis Tel : +44 703-193-7758 Tel : +44 703-196-5095 Email : [email protected] All prices are in U.S. Dollar. 2016 SPECIALIZED ROAD BIKES : 2016 SPECIALIZED S-WORKS TARMAC DI2 $ 6,250 2016 SPECIALIZED S-WORKS TARMAC DISC DI2 $ 6,250 2016 SPECIALIZED...