roval wheels

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    Roval wheel identification

    I acquired an old Cannondale aluminum frame with nothing but a derailer, chain, crank, and two wheels on it. I really know nothing about the sport or equipment, but I googled Roval wheels and was impressed with the prices on them. I am trying to identify the model wheels that I have. They are...
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    Zipp 303 firecrest vs. corima 47 ws black vs. roval cl50

    Hello! I am waiting for my new Pinarello F12 rim brakes and I am wondering which wheel set will fit it best. I stopped at Zipp 303 firecrest, Corima 47 Ws Black or Roval CL50. Till now I had only ride with Mavic wheels. Can you share your experience with Zipp, Corima or Roval? Which is the best...
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    Roval Wheels

    Hi all, I have a chance to get some Roval aero wheels. I did some research on the net about them. People say they were ahead of there time and a good wheel set, but I need to know if they would be good for me a 245 pound rider. I want to use them as my wheels (i.e. these would be the wheels on...