1. NewBikeShopper

    Newbikeshopper (intro & opinion request)

    Hello Forum, nice to virtually meet everyone, My bike was stolen last week (pics attached, Ultegra setup), it was an older ride but many hours in the saddle and personal customizations make it difficult to let go. I’m trying to replace it as soon as possible, hard to do with everything out of...
  2. D

    Help! which di2 specs?

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum and was hoping you guys can help me out. Looking for expert advice here :) I have an older (but awesome) 2012 Tarmac Pro SL4 Mid-Compact Ui2 (first gen) bike which I want to upgrade to Di2 (among other things to save weight, battery life and climbing ease)...
  3. steve

    Fire at the shimano factory in japan

    At least 20 fire engines responded to a blaze at Shimano factory in Sakai-City, Osaka Prefecture in Japan, according to the Nippon News Network (NNN). Reports say a security guard at the factory called firefighters around 1:45 p.m. According to Asashi Shimbun, about 200 people evacuated the...
  4. S

    Shimano powermeter crank fit?

    I came across a used Stages2 powermeter crank sold as a 105 (5800) Is there any reason why it wouldn't fit/work on Ultegra 5750 or Dura-ace shafts? I thought that the Hollowtech II splines were pretty much standard. I know this question seems too simple but they offer so many different...
  5. E

    Purchasing advice

    I'm going to open my first bike shop in my town, but I cannot find out the distributor of Shimano and Kask. Anyone kindly tell me their information?
  6. MotownBikeBoy

    Corrosion on chain and gears no matter how much I wash/wipe it down?

    My Surly Pug keeps getting rust on the chain and gears post-ride, even though I am rinsing it down and then cleaning and drying it off and re-lubing it. It has been exposed to a significant amount of road salt on almost every ride, due to our record snowfall this year. I am sure that is a...
  7. W

    Need some new bike advice. Felt vs. Cannondale? Sram vs. Shimano? Carbon vs. Aluminum

    I'm new to the forum, I apologize for the double post, realized it should have been here, sorry. I am ready to get back into cycling after a long 10-15 years off. I got on a jogging kick for years, but following my 2nd knee surgery in 5 years, I've decided to get a new road bike. I've spent...