1. M

    Tires/Disc Brakes for Jet-powered Cruiser Bicycle

    All, This is an odd project, but I decided reaching out to the online cycling community would be best. Thank you for looking and I appreciate any input I can get. If you know of a better place to post this, please let me know. Background I've recently put together a turbine jet powered...
  2. F

    G peak pro bike computer

    I've been working on the application for about 3 months, thanks to your feedback to find the deficiencies and errors, re-compile the places I need to improve and now put on GooglePlay and share. There are points that need to be added. such as cadence and pulse support. I'll take care of them in...
  3. V

    Cycling bobsleigh track

    Hi! Me and my friend Danny went to Bosnia on holidays to make an edit about bobsleigh track. Check what we did: I do understand, that it looks like advirtisment, but it is actually not. Felt and Sony just provided us with free rental, that is why we had to put their logo in the film.
  4. H

    I need competitors... please join this endomondo challenge :)

  5. Corzhens

    Challenging yourself

    In one of my groups rides, there was this chat on the issue of progressive resistance training. It is a method that you increase the distance or the difficulty every time you engage in cycling. It's like starting with 5 kilometers for the 1st day and increasing 1 kilometer each day. It can also...
  6. Pixie the Cat

    This bike vs that bike?

    For the past two years I've been riding a pimped up Vita Sport from Specialized. It's not a bad bike by any means, but it was designed as a flat bar hybrid - not for a speed freak like me. Having swapped out the flat bar for drops, I figured that this would deal with the problem of wind-drag...