1. Sambhav

    Suggestions regarding longer stem for my mtb

    So I use a MTB for road cycling as India hasn't got the best roads for expensive road bikes. Naturally, for more speed I stuck with the stock 680mm handlebar. My curiosity however, lies within the stem. Currently I have a 90mm stem and it still makes me sit in bit of an upright position (as I'm...
  2. T

    Carbon seatpost / cockpit suggestions.

    Hi—looking for suggestions. I’m 41, 6,2” 225ish. Ride a litespeed T5 and looking to maybe upgrade to carbon accessories for comfort and stiffness. Currently run Thomson seatpost, FSA 130mm stem and Ritchey wcs 46cm bars. Am I too big for carbon? Especially with 9 inches of seatpost showing...
  3. U

    Spacers above stem cannondale

    Hello, I wanted a lower/more aggressive position on my Cannondale synapse. I flipped the stem and put the 4 mm of spacers above it. Ive been using it like this for 3 months or so and it suits me well. It gave me at least a 1mph boost in speed and the lower position hasn't caused any back...