1. D

    Survey on under-inflated tires

    (Unsure if this is the right place for this thread) We are a group of High School Seniors engaged in a design project for our engineering capstone course. We are currently conducting research into a real world problem, which we hope to solve. Here is our project statement, as it stands: Riding...
  2. E

    Cycling Survey Under 10 Mins, PLS HELP <3

    Please help me gain a better understanding of local cyclists’ behaviors and perceptions of cycling. Please take this anonymous survey! It should take less than 10 minutes and your feedback is greatly appreciated :)
  3. H

    Student research on cycling safety accessories

    Hello everyone, I'm currently undertaking my MSc in Sports Digital and Media Technologies at Loughborough University London. I'm an avid cyclist and have been given the topic of bicycle lights and the target markets that they could have an impact in. It would be very much appreciated if you...
  4. Seavemeyer

    Nutritonal / supplement / survey

    Hey Cycling Forums - Happy November :) I've been looking to gain more insights into cyclists and their current nutritional & supplement usage. My career has been in the Nutritonal Industry and while I've developed hundreds of products that are on shelves today getting further insights as to...
  5. Kat3Kev

    Protecting your wheels

    Hey everyone, I am doing a little market study for a product that I am developing for cycling wheels. I have created a quick, 5 question survey, to gain some insights into this market. With my previous business I skipped this step and it cost me big time. I am an avid cyclist as well so I know...
  6. R

    Cycling safety survey

    Hi everyone, I am currently conducting some private research on cycling safety and how cyclists conduct themselves on the highway. This has no commercial basis and I have no commercial interests in cycling or cycling products. I trust that people using this webstie will treat this in good faith...