1. James E. Petts

    Tall person seeks fast hybrid for commuting

    I live in London and need to replace my ageing and worn out bicycle, a Ridgeback Comet, that I have had and used heavily since 2005. I use the bicycle almost exclusively for commuting (circa 15km each way), and like to ride quite fast, although also need to be able to carry panniers which are...
  2. G

    A tall person's conundrum

    Greekings, I am new to cycling and am looking for an all-around bike that I could use for multiple purposes (pleasure, commuting, possibly bike-packing?). About 6 years ago while I was in college, a friend invited me to bike from the Oregon-California border back to SoCal where we live. It...
  3. A

    Tall biker looking for an upright bike

    I'm looking to buy a hybrid bike for regular cruising around the city, but am having difficulty finding one that fits me comfortably. I'm 6' tall, but my problem seems to be my long legs (35" inseam). Every bike I try that has a tall enough frame seems uncomfortably long, and I feel too hunched...