1. D

    Survey on under-inflated tires

    (Unsure if this is the right place for this thread) We are a group of High School Seniors engaged in a design project for our engineering capstone course. We are currently conducting research into a real world problem, which we hope to solve. Here is our project statement, as it stands: Riding...
  2. O

    Tire width question

    Hi. I live in Kentucky, (barely any snow, at least in town) and I am slowly working on going farther, faster and carrying more on my bicycle rides. At some point, I am planning to work on my ability to travel to other towns and cities on my bike (one or more centuries) and I am going to need to...
  3. Jonathan Fairhurst

    Consulting for new wheelset options

    I have a Ridley Crosswind custom build that has a Dura Ace wheelset that doesn't support clinchers, and I'm looking for a good clincher wheelset that is good quality but affordable. I talked to a guy in a bike shop and he recommended the Bontrager H5 tires for my riding needs (75% road and 25%...