tour de france

  1. B

    Are you a fan of tour de france?

    David Millar is one of Britain’s most successful road cyclists who has competed in 12 Tours de France, winning five stages, and once beating Lance Armstrong in the process. It was not an easy challenge but he was able to reach for his dreams. He shared his story about this on London Real...
  2. JackCostaRica

    La etapa costa rica 25km / 56km / 116km

    La Etapa Costa Rica by Le Tour de France is an open event for all people who want to live the professional race experience and for anyone who wants to support in what will be a great atmosphere of such an event in this beautiful country. La Etapa Costa Rica will be the first race of its kind...
  3. L

    Anyone fancy ticking the stelvio off their list this year?

    Munich To Milan Trans-Alp Stelvio Cycle Tour - teaser video Standing at nearly 3000m above sea level - this has to be this years big ride! More information here
  4. O

    Could sagan win the tour...?

    In all fairness, look at the guy. He has shown he can pretty much do anything. And of course, the climbs in Richmond 2015 are nothing to compare to cols of the Alps etc, but if the guy lost a few kg's and only a little bit of power, imagine the damage he could do!
  5. L

    Helpful eating advice for xmas holidays...

    Saw this and thought i'd share...really interesting and insightful... Can you not over eat at Xmas?
  6. O

    Tour de france

    What has everyone thought of the race so far?
  7. steve

    2016 tour de france

    The Tour de France was created in 1903. The roots of the Tour de France trace to the emergence of two rival sports newspapers in the country. On the one hand was Le Vélo, the first and the largest daily sports newspaper in France which sold 80,000 copies a day. Recent results 2015 1...
  8. RollingUphill

    Motor doping?

    Who would have thought this could become an actual problem in a cycling event like the Tour De France? I wonder how exactly people can put a motor in their bicycle when the frames are so lightweight and think. In the article they have said that it was reported at least 7 cyclists last year were...