1. B

    Road bike races, course ridden

    Hello all, Just joined, ride about 60 - 70 miles a week, doing OK for 70. Live in Antelope Valley Ca, USA. Watching Tour de France and thought about the Tour of Utah, last ridden in 2019. Question: Where can I find the actual course ridden. Each day's ride. Maybe take a fall vacation and...
  2. msyrek

    ▓▒░ 4 years on a bike. what the cost?

    Dear Cyclist I am on a 4-year solo bicycle trip around the world: Asia, Australia, Africa, America. I don't spend more than $ 150 a month. Please visit my YouTube channel and have fun: :rolleyes: Sample video from Iranian desert View...
  3. Corzhens

    Unruly tour spectators

    In the recent Tour de France, defending champion Chris Froome suffered a crash due to the unruly crowd. There was also the claim that some spectators were hitting Froome with the intention for him to crash. If that kind of crowd in tours will be prevalent, maybe the tour organizers should be...