1. J

    Central america

    I'm currently making videos about my 2013 Central America bicycle tour. They might be of interest to anyone who is planning a tour along the Pan-American Highway. My latest is about the experience I had in Honduras... View:
  2. S

    Looking for a 2016 surly lht frame

    Sadly I just crashed my beautiful Surly Long Haul Trucker yesterday, ruining the front of the frame. I loved the color of my 2016 model (cakipants), but Surly no longer carries that color. It was a 56cm x 700c size. If anyone has a frame like this, let me know!
  3. Thompson Crowley

    Cycling through europe (part 6)

    Farewell to our cycles… The rain had continued. It wasn’t particularly windy, so the drops just kind of casually fell to the ground around us, but it had been persistent. By the time we got to the end of our ride we were well ready to set up tent and get dry. And then finally we were there-...
  4. Thompson Crowley

    A short cycle through western europe, part 4 - belgium

    Belgium… We weren’t sure what it would be like crossing the border from Holland into Belgium. We were both very naive. Would there be some kind of patrol? Some kind of gateway? We doubted it, what with the open borders. But we at least expected something. We were travelling along some small...
  5. Thompson Crowley

    Cycling from amsterdam to tilburg on a trike

    A short cycle through Western Europe (part 3) Our arrival into Europe… It was sad to say goodbye to Rags and leave him in a cage, but he wasn’t allowed inside the ferry with us. And there were a few other dogs where he was too, so at least he would have some friends to woof with. And we could...
  6. Pedal Portugal

    Portugal - questions and answers

    Hello I've only recently discovered this forum and wanted to ask if there are any riders out there with experiences of riding in Portugal or questions about the country. I run a website called Pedal Portugal that gives free advice and information on cycling in Portugal. The site has everything...
  7. L

    Suitable bike for london to paris cycle challenge

    Hello...i hope someone can help. I am a novice and I've just recently signed up to a London to Paris bike ride in September...something i've wanted to do for many years now as a fundraising challenge. My training has been ok but could be better. When filling out my registration form for the...
  8. C

    In need of long distance bike equipment

    Hello cyclist, Myself along with two other companions will be graduating from university this year, and have decided on doing a 1000 mile bike ride this May! While we are all new to cycling, we are all currently long distance runners. We run around 70-90 miles a week...