1. N

    G3 track wheel

    Hello! This is my first post so please excuse me if I do something wrong. I have a scirocco rim laying around and I was wondering whether I could lace a G3 Track Wheel with it. The rim is 24H, asymmetric G3 from 2016, rim brake, clincher. The reasons for doing this is the fact that I don't...
  2. Olympichopeful

    Mathilde gros - 3x junior world champion / 11x national champion

    I recently did an interview with Mathilde Gros, and was amazed at what she told me.. "I was a basketball player training in youth training centre in the south of France. Our strength coach was the BMX strength coach as well. One day, we did our warm up on a wattbike. After 2 sprints I hit 1200...