training schedule

  1. E

    Help to rebuild endurance

    Hi there, First time posting here - I was hoping someone might have a little advice for me. I used to cycle about 300/450km per week - my rides usually always in Z3 and Z4 apart from rest days. I love being on my bike and I could literally ride everyday huge amounts if my body would allow it. I...
  2. Kevin Abbot

    Training advice for a new road biker wanting to compete in a century ride next year

    Im currently 17 and got my first real road bike a month ago. (Domane ALR 4 Disc). I have road 86ish miles 6 times all within the past year and 100+ 2 times (both being the past 2 Sundays). Next spring I want to compete in a century ride in normal mostly flat some hills environment. I don’t...