1. NewBikeShopper

    Newbikeshopper (intro & opinion request)

    Hello Forum, nice to virtually meet everyone, My bike was stolen last week (pics attached, Ultegra setup), it was an older ride but many hours in the saddle and personal customizations make it difficult to let go. I’m trying to replace it as soon as possible, hard to do with everything out of...
  2. Dr Hongzhi Mo

    Sealant - how long does it really last??

    In my case, i put on a new tire 1 year ago (700c-28mm), with 35-40ml sealant, and half a year ago, i top up another 25ml through the valve hole. Yesterday i remove the tire, and realized there is around 60ml sealant still there. According to any sealent instructions seems sealant will be...