urban biking

  1. Nikhil Guda

    Marin muirwoods vs giant cross city 2 vs trek fx 2

    Hi, I'm a 26 year old, male, 172cm (5' 8"), 64kg (140lbs) who lives in Perth and looking to buy a good bicycle to roam around. I would like to use it to explore riverside roads, areas in city and suburbs. I would also like to hop it onto a train, get down in a station, which is after 30km, and...
  2. TRexRegiment

    Looking for an inexpensive, versatile bike

    I've been thinking for a few semesters now of buying a bike to get around campus, but I've held off because it's a relatively small campus, and I just can't justify the purchase. Recently, though, I've been volunteering downtown once a week and the walk to and from the train station is a huge...