1. gyorgyigabor

    World's hardest climb by bike: hilo (0 m)- mauna kea (4205 m): video & description

    Hello ! More than a month ago I cycled the World's hardest climb. I've written a description about it and embed my trailer video in the middle of the description (Sorry that the initials of Hilo and Mauna Kea are small :( ) Have pleasure it and thanks for watching ! :) Gábor Györgyi (...
  2. gyorgyigabor

    My gopro video: descents on the world's steepest island's volcano: roque de los muchachos (2426 m)

    Hello ! La Palma is the steepest island of the World; its highest peak is 2426 m high: Roque de los Muchachos. Its eastern ascent starts at oceanlevel. This spring (in May) I climbed it twice: once its eastern, once its western side. I recorded GoPro video on its descents: it shows stunning...
  3. Zac R

    I built a new gopro accessory for hands-free pov shooting, thought y’all might dig it

    Hi fellow cyclists! My name is Zac, and I’m a big fan of active, outdoorsy sports. I’ve been using a GoPro for years for mountain biking, skydiving, rock climbing, and general shenanigans. But the big problem I noticed with the GoPro is that there’s no good way to control it when both your...
  4. steve

    360 degree video of a descent

    This is really cool :) The rider wearing the camera is Matteo Montaguti, from Team AG2R La Mondiale.
  5. Dynamo2

    VIDEO: The 10 highest passes of the Alps on a touring bike

    Hi everyone, I am Ralf from Germany. This summer I cycled 2.747km (1.707 miles) from Dresden, Germany to Nice in France on my loaded touring bike crossing the 10 highest passes of the Alps accumulating over 45.000m of altitude. My newest video summarizes my journey. I promise it won't be...