vintage road bikes

  1. TheKenyer

    Any infos about this bike?

    So i recently bought this bike but i can't find any clear info about it. Here is it:279638 On the frame is : Giro It's a vintage bike i'm sure. Thanks for help :)
  2. -Ash-

    Buying a new wheelset

    Hey guys, I have been trying to do a bit of research myself, but I'm honestly still pretty confused and a bit of an idiot! I want to buy a new budget (£100-200) wheelset for my bike, but I'm unsure what would work with my bike frame (Ronson Atomic X, Reynolds 531), 7 speed cassette and...
  3. Froze

    84 centurion comp ta, $75, vintage

    This is NOT one of my bikes, but I saw it on Craigslist, it appears to be in average condition for it's age, pitted aluminum that I saw can be cleaned up, can't see enough of the paint detail to determine condition. It was Centurions 2nd from the top of the line that year which offered Tange...
  4. Danarello

    Thinking about buying a steel frame road bike

    I found a Specialized Allez Steel Frame Road bike on CL for $700. Has all Campy components and Cinelli Stem and Bars. Will try to post a pic if I can figure out how. Any advice or suggestions from Steel Frame Roadies would be appreciated.