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    New to cycling to lose weight

    Just purchased a Rad Rover electric bike to aid in weight lose and getting in better shape. Im 42. 6'0 280 lbs and appreciate any advice. I bought this bike for the peddle assist that helps me at least so far. The bike is quite heavy but ive started with 3 miles at a time at 12 to 14 miles and...
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    100kg rider maintaining 350-400 watts?

    Hi everyone, So I'm a 101kg male and I have recently just begun riding my bike again two weeks ago, and since I just got a power meter installed to measure my performance, I have noticed that I am maintaining an average of 350 - 400 watts over a period of an hour at a time, but after that I do...
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    Dieting vs training

    I want to get stronger, and to lose weight. How mutually exclusive are these goals? If they are, how should I prioritize them? I have been sticking to eating more or less to 2500 kcal per day irrespective of how much I ride (if at all) that day. On some days, like today where I did a hilly...