1. P

    Zipp 303 firecrest vs. corima 47 ws black vs. roval cl50

    Hello! I am waiting for my new Pinarello F12 rim brakes and I am wondering which wheel set will fit it best. I stopped at Zipp 303 firecrest, Corima 47 Ws Black or Roval CL50. Till now I had only ride with Mavic wheels. Can you share your experience with Zipp, Corima or Roval? Which is the best...
  2. jbeale

    Huffy lakota: front wheel hits crank

    I saw a bike at a garage sale and got it without much examination, at what seemed like a good price. Now that I'm having a closer look, I'm not so sure. This is a 15-speed Huffy Lakota. Everything works mechanically, except that the wheel can only barely turn to either side before the pedal...
  3. Waruik0

    Wheel building - spoke lengths

    Hello, I am building a set of road wheels for the first time. Not looking to save a few buck by doing it myself because the dollars don't pencil out. Rather I'm doing it because it interests me and I am up for a fun (and quite possibly frustrating) challenge. I need some feed back regarding...
  4. N

    G3 track wheel

    Hello! This is my first post so please excuse me if I do something wrong. I have a scirocco rim laying around and I was wondering whether I could lace a G3 Track Wheel with it. The rim is 24H, asymmetric G3 from 2016, rim brake, clincher. The reasons for doing this is the fact that I don't...
  5. T

    Miyata 610 wheel replacement recommendations 27 x1 1/4 sealed hub 36 spokes

    Have an original 1983 Miyata 610 with the original sealed hub wheels. Have had to replace a few spokes over the years and the wheel has remained fairly straight. Recently started to wobble and will true it up. Is there an average lifespan for a wheel? Is it worth considering replacing...
  6. Waruik0

    Trainer wheel

    I am thinking to buy a cheap rear wheel and use it for a trainer wheel. The idea is to be able to swap out my regular wheel with this trainer wheel when I ride the trainer so I don't have to change to my trainer tire every time I ride the trainer. My bike has 11-32 cassette (11 spd) with a...
  7. Jonathan Fairhurst

    Consulting for new wheelset options

    I have a Ridley Crosswind custom build that has a Dura Ace wheelset that doesn't support clinchers, and I'm looking for a good clincher wheelset that is good quality but affordable. I talked to a guy in a bike shop and he recommended the Bontrager H5 tires for my riding needs (75% road and 25%...
  8. A

    Road wheelset for under 300

    I'm looking for some aluminum clincher wheelsets for under 300 supposedly around 250. I was looking at this one http://m.ebay.com/itm/281331016132 It's used and looks pretty nice but I searched up online and couldn't find this particular wheel. Most of the fulcrum racing 7's are around 150 and...
  9. Jack Fabros

    Is this an anomaly?

    Hey there! So today I noticed that my rear wheel is kind of not straight between the seat stays. It's like this through the whole wheel too its not wobbly. it's pretty straight between the chain stays though. I checked the position of the hub and it seems ok too