1. theONLYbigHEAD

    Cx tires on road bikes?

    With the weather turning colder and wetter, I've looking at turning my old road bike into a nasty weather beater. Have any of you ran CX tires on road bikes, or something similar? Let's see some pictures of your dirty (or not) fall and winter set ups? Looking for some inspiration of getting this...
  2. Shalem'sDad

    Winter commuting gear?

    My bike is a 2000 Diamondback Interval. Wish I had something better but it is what I could afford. I've put close to 200 miles on it with the longest distance being 15 miles a couple times. I'm trying to get the money together for the Continental 4 Season tires. Well my real question is what are...
  3. DarkStarling

    Does Anyone Keep Cycling In The Winter?

    I have just never done it before, or, really, considered it much of a possibility since the winters up here, in Scandinavia tend to be quiet harsh and having the gear necessary and putting it on seems like quite a task, especially for the 'get to a place' travel. How many of you guys out there...