'04 Dura Ace Wheels vs. Ksyrium SL

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by Field, Mar 3, 2004.

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    Feb 16, 2004
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    I'm deciding between Ksyrium SL and the '04 DA wheels. Price is very similar. Ksyrium have lots of info on the net. Can anyone give info on the new DA wheels? Anyone ridden them and love them?

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    Jun 17, 2003
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    Ksyrium are good if you are seeking a bomb proof wheel, but they weigh a tonne.

    From the Weightweeines site Lightest production clincher wheels curently on market

    1. Spada Stiletto Mg 1080g (NYA) $850
    2. American Classic Magnesium 1207g 28/32 spokes, 24/24mm rims $1100
    3. Spada Carbonio Aero Light 1260g, $650
    4. Spada Stiletto Light 1280gm, 28/28 spokes, 18/18mm rims $650
    5. Rolf Prima Elan Areo, 1295g, 20/24 spokes, 24mm rims, $950
    6. Spada Carbonio Aero 1312g
    7. Rolf Prima Elan 1314g (actual), 20/24 spokes, 24mm rims $850
    8. American Classic 350 1320g (standard build), 28/32 spokes, $599
    9. Spada Stiletto 1340g
    10. FRM SP-R21SD Light 1348g
    11. Campagnolo Ultra Hyperon 1350g, 22/24 spokes, $2200
    12. Extra lite ExtraClimb 1360g
    13. Nimble Fly 1367g
    14. Velomax Victoria 1370g (145lb recomended weight limit, to be released in Jan)
    15. Wheel Craft Sprint DS 1370g ( Actual) 18/24 Spokes, 40/40mm Rims $A1000
    16. Speed Dream R 359 1390g, 25/32 spokes, $529
    17. Ritchey WCS Protocal 1390g (to be released in Jan)
    18. Campagnolo Hyperon 1395 g, 22/24 spokes
    19. Nimble Spider 1400g
    20. FSA (don't know model) 1400g (to be released in Jan)
    21. Topolino 1413g (actual)
    22. Velomax Ascent II 1423g (actual) $700
    23. American Classic 420 1425g (standard build) 18/24 spokes, 34/34mm rims, $800
    24. Wheelcraft Classic Elite 1427g (DT Rev's) 28/32 spokes, $A1000
    25. Rolf Prima Vigor 1467g (actual) 14/16 spokes, 34mm rims, $850
    26. X-Lab Aero 1475g
    27. Velomax Orion II 1477g $700
    28. Extra Lite ExtraRoad 1480g
    29. Bontrager Race X Lite 1490g, 20/24 spokes, $750
    30. Speed Dream Aerolite 1490g, 18/24 spokes, $549
    30. American Classic Velocity Aerohead 1493g (Alloy Nipples) 28/32 spokes, 19/19mm rims $635
    32. Rolf Prima Vigour RS, 1495g, 14/16 spokes, 34mm rims, $850
    33. Velomax Tempest II 1500g $750
    34. Bontrager X-Lite 1520g $700
    35. Reynolds Stratus Clincher 1523g, 16/? spokes, 46mm rim, $1995
    36. Tune Standard Lightweight 1530g
    37. Spinergy Xaero Lite 1540g 18/24 spokes, 24/24 mm rims $700
    38. Campagnolo Neutron 1550g $700
    39. Ritchey WCS DS 1550g
    40. Cane Creek Volos Team Ti, 18/28 Ti spokes, 21mm Alu rims 1556g
    41. Spinergy Tilium Carbon 1557g (actual) $1000
    42. Mavic Ksyirum SSC SL TDF 1560g (actual) $1000
    43. Hed Alps 1565g 18/24 spokes, 50/50mm rims
    44. Zipp 303 1575g 20/18 spokes, 40/40mm rims $1350
    45. Dura Ace 7800 1579g $800
    46. Mavic Ksyrium SSC SL 1590g (actual) $800
    47. Spinergy Carbon SS 1599g 16/20 spokes, 45/45mm rims $800

    Mavic pay TDF riders to use their wheels thus why lots of club riders have the opnion that they must be very good wheels, weight/aero/cost comparisons find both the DA and SL wanting.

    I hope that helps,

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    Jun 19, 2003
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    I think some people get a little obsessed about weights! I don't consider a pair of wheels weighing sub-1600 grams as weighing a tonne! If I really need to reduce weight, I eat less and ride more and lose more than the entire weight of a set of wheels.
    Both of the wheels mentioned are good fast wheels and I'd feel better riding Ksyriums knowing they won't buckle/break when I hit a pothole than if I was on super-light Spadas.
  4. Brizza

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    Jun 17, 2003
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    Some of those wheels are race specific wheels, however there are wheels on their that are very good training wheels.

    The rotating mass of the wheel makes acceleration and climbing harder.
    The aero disadvantage of Ksyriums should be allowed for as well..

    If you can lose weight by training go for it, some of us cannot and even if we could it wouldn't improve our sprint as a pair of light tyres would. (light tyres wear quickly in case your wondering).

    Just wanted to make sure you didn't think Ksyrium was the top of the range as their price suggests.