05 Giant TCR Composite 1 questions

Discussion in 'Australia and New Zealand' started by deus, Jun 7, 2005.

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    Jun 7, 2005
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    Hello all

    Yes, another "Giant TCR Composite purchasing" post! I already own a TCR Aluxx and am contemplating upgrading to the composite frame. I am from Australia and given its great value for money, I cant justify spending more on a European bike or on a Dura Ace setup. So my choice is a 2005 TCR Composite 1 with Ultegra. Questions:

    1) Whats the story with the Tektro RX-60 composite dual-pivot brakes? Is it cost cutting? Would Ultegra brakes be better? (as it stands, they neatly complement the composite FSA crankset and frame of course).

    2) Is there really a carbon shortage likely to push prices up as of the end of this year? (check the article quoted here http://forums.roadbikereview.com/showthread.php?t=9747 ... it's discouraging me to wait for the 2006 range)

    3) What is the best price in Australia? Have seen a Bicycling Australia ad quoting $3550 (retails is/was $4200).

    Any comments/info on the above welcome and appreciated.